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2017 Distance Learning Teacher Training Course

12 weekly online sessions starting February and July 2017.
Cost:- £500
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Attending Courses

We now offer attending courses in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Dates to be announced.

Cost: £500

European Study Day

The European Study Day will be held on Saturday, November 19th 2016 in Malaga


I recall my excitement and amazement when first discovering the “secrets” of NFP at the age of 18. Since then, NFP has served me well throughout my reproductive years and the menopause. I feel that all women should understand what is happening to their bodies throughout each cycle and each phase of their lives. The added bonus to understanding being, they can use this to take control of their fertility in planning their families.

– Teresa

Discovering NFP has been truly empowering, both on a personal and professional level. Not only have I benefited from an increased understanding of my own fertility, but also consider it to be a huge privilege to be able to promote and teach NFP to others. Working as a Family Planning nurse, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity and knowledge to provide an alternative to hormonal methods.
– Ruth

Using NFP throughout the menopause years helped me to cope with the inevitable symptoms and reassured me that the bodily changes were a normal and natural progression and nothing to be concerned about
– Christine

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